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Self drug test kits

Drug testing has never been easier with our USA branded self drug test kits. Prices from $0.85 per kit. Ideal for use at home or for employers.

Self drug test kits for use at home and the workplace.self drug test kits

Question: What are self drug test kits and how do they compare to a laboratory drug test?
Answer: A self drug test kit is a competitive immunoassay screening device capable of giving almost instant drug test results using dry chemistry. A laboratory will use a similar method to initially screen a test sample. If a sample produces a presumptive positive result, meaning the initial screen shows a positive reading, then the sample will be further analyzed, typically using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

This is a confirmation of the suspect sample to prove that there is in deed a drug present. The screening method for use at home or in a lab is much the same. What determines a negative or a presumptive positive is the cut-off level. Cut-off levels are set at a point where there is a demonstrably high statistical probability that the drug will be detected if present.  More information can be found at  National Institution of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Question: How does this help me?
Answer: Most drug test kits are FDA cleared, so they can be used at home without supervision. Refer to our instructions on how to properly collect a urine sample from a person for a drug test. We recommend that this method be used for employee and at home drug testing.

Question: What type of drug test kits are available?
Answer: Typically, up to thirteen drugs can be detected in one test using urine dip tests, urine cup tests and oral fluid tests. Oral fluid test kits are not normally FDA cleared so we advise you use urine testing products.

Question: What are the best self test kits?
Answer: Five and ten panel self test kits are the most popular. Always use branded kits and never buy from a dubious source. Talk to a professional on what drugs you suspect the person has abused. You can search for suitable test kits that test for those drugs here.


Drug tests for home.

The tests above can be confirmed by our laboratory if you get a positive result. Call (323) 863-2410 to make arrangements.

Drug tests for the workplace.

The tests above can be confirmed by our laboratory if you get a positive result. Call (323) 863-2410 to make arrangements.

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