Test for Drugs

Test for Drugs at home and the workplace.

Drug test kits for employees

Test for drugsEmployers who test for drugs in the workplace has a positive effect. Fewer accidents, less theft and more productivity. It all adds up to more profit. Managers start by setting up their “in-house” testing protocol. Testing employees for drug abuse and alcohol then becomes an easy process. Customers often refer to “Drug Testing in the Workplace” for more detail.

Drug test kits for home

Test for drugsParents who test for drugs at home have found this section of interest when testing their family. The information provided has been formulated from our extensive experience. Parents have found this information to be concise and practical, making testing their loved ones simple and accurate. Peace of mind is what we hope to provide, so read our guides.

Dip drug test kits

Test for drugsDip cards test for drugs in a wide variety of different configurations meeting the requirements set by SAMHSA.gov . They can detect up to thirteen different drugs in one test making it easy to detect multiple drugs at once. Each test conforms to FDA requirements and so are suitable for home and the workplace testing.

Cup drug test kits

Test for drugsCups test for drugs in a more convenient package where the cup and drug test are in one device. Test cups integrate the cup with the drug test together. They test for drugs, check the urine temperature and optionally check for adulterants which can compromise a test. A proven method for clean and accurate testing providing you follow the guidelines.

Oral fluid drug test kits

Test for drugsIf you need a test that can be used in a wide variety of situations; for example where there are no bathroom facilities, then an oral fluid drug test is an option. They are non invasive and non gender specific. Customers find this option to be very popular. Saliva is sampled from the mouth and used to detect illicit and prescription drugs.  Detection window is up to 3 days from ingestion.

CLIA waived drug test kits

Test for drugsMedical Centers, Doctors Offices and Hospitals use these products because they have a CLIA waiver.  The FDA define these tests as a simple laboratory procedure and are cleared for medical use. They can of course be used at home or in the workplace. The cost of the test can be claimed back through Medicaid and Medicare. Available in dip and cup format.

Surface drug detection kits

Test for drugsWhen trying to identify trace amounts of drugs or trying to identify a pill then using a surface drug test kit can be an effective solution.  Detect the presence of illicit and prescription drugs on most surfaces and contact items. Suitable for testing clothing, skin, credit cards, computer keyboards and liquids even when there is no trace of a drug. Detect and identify up to 22 different drugs.

Drug testing made easy

Test for drugsFinding a test for drugs can be a daunting prospect particularly with all the options available. We have a guide to help you understand the differences between the different types of drug test kits. This is a great tool for employers and individuals looking for the right test for the right application.

Specimen adulterant tests

Test for drugsDiscovering if a donor’s sample has been substituted, adulterated or diluted will tell you immediately if they are trying to cheat. A specimen adulterant or validity test will help and by using this invaluable test you will know immediately. By adding chemicals to their urine sample the result of a drug test can be compromised.

Alcohol test kits

Test for drugsBreath, urine and saliva alcohol test kits are capable in detecting alcohol from a very simple test with accurate instant results. Many are FDA (510K) cleared, ensuring the test meets or exceeds the requirements of  FDA for alcohol testing.

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Easily manage you own drug testing program using our user guides, and you too will be testing like a professional.